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Although there are reports on the existence of a small village, Lizarra, belonging to the kingdom of Pamplona, ​​before the development of the Route of Santiago, the town of Estella consolidates as a village around the pilgrimage route. Thus, people from Southern France began to settle on the south bank of the Ega River throughout the 11th century, and they engaged in commercial activities concerning the pilgrimage to Santiago. In 1090, King Sancho Ramírez granted the inhabitants of the new borough a special court to favour the arrival of new settlers.

Gradually, the old Lizarra became the buoyant Estella, an important milestone of the Route of Santiago.

Estella is a medieval city. Some of its noteworthy buildings, streets and monuments are: the Palace of the Kings of Navarre, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, St. Michael's Church, San Pedro de la Rúa's Church, Calle la Rúa street, the Roman Bridge, and the Monastery of Iratche in the nearby town of Ayegui.


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